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Giftedness is a term used to describe exceptionally high intelligence or an exceptional ability in a particular area (e.g., languages, maths, science, music). Intellectually gifted people fall within the top two percent of the population in terms of their overall level of intelligence, or some area of intelligence (as measured by standardised IQ tests). They typically learn quickly when interested, have great intellectual curiosity and often possess excellent general knowledge and reasoning skills. Unfortunately such abilities may go unrecognised in some gifted people and they may never reach, or come close to reaching their full potential.

Studies show that school can be challenging for some gifted children; they may not "fit in" and find themselves socially isolated. Some may lack the motivation to learn due to disinterest in the topic(s)/subject(s) and may continue to underachieve. A psycho-educational assessment can often be the first step to helping gifted under-achievers reach their full potential.