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We carry out assessments for behavioural difficulties (our reports are accepted by the HSE, CAMHS, NEPS etc). Research shows that there can be many causes of behavioural difficulties and conduct problems in children and adolescents.  

For example, they may have low self-esteem as a result of a learning difficulty or bullying, or may lack structure and consistency in their lives. In other cases, they may be modelling/imitating the negative behaviours of others. Their challenging behaviours may also be the result of an attentional disorder (i.e., ADHD).

Studies suggest that children with persistent serious behavioural problems have a high risk of delinquency/law breaking in adolescence and having a psychological disorder in adulthood. It is important that the causes of persistent behavioural/conduct problems are identified and appropriate interventions/treatments are implimented as early as possible. 

Behavioural difficulties are identified using psychometric test batteries, rating scales, checklists and clinical observations. As part of the assessment process, we may request reports from other professionals (e.g., physicians, Occupational Therapists), and make referrals as necessary.