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Dr. John Doody is a Chartered Psychologist. He works as a clinician and his main areas of interest and specialisation are autism spectrum disorder (incl. Asperger's Syndrome), anxiety conditions, ADHD, giftedness and psychometrics. John has extensive clinical experience working with clients across different age groups. Much of his work comes through referrals from other professionals both within the public (e.g., HSE and CAMHS) and private sectors (e.g., from GPs). John spent many years on the Dept. of Education's NEPS' "Scheme for the Commissioning of Psychological Assessments" (SCPA) panel of psychologists (conducting both clinical and psychoeducational assessments). His psychological reports are recognised and accepted by the HSE, CAMHS, Dept. of Education/NEPS and other State bodies. John has also worked as a supervisor and examiner for the M.Ed in Trinity College Dublin, and as a psychology lecturer in Dublin City University (DCU) and National College of Ireland (NCI).

John previously served on the committee of the Psychological Society of Ireland's "Special Interest Group in Autism" (SIGA), and was a member of the working group involved in producing the document "Professional Practice Guidelines for the Assessment, Formulation, and Diagnosis of Autism in Children and Adolescents, 2nd Edition".

John is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and holds a PhD (Psychology) from the University of York, UK. His doctoral research examined Asperger’s Syndrome and nonverbal communication. John is a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the Psychological Society of Ireland (C.Psychol AFPsSI), and a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (C.Psychol AFBPsS). He is also on the BPS PTC register of test users and has a Clinical 1 (CL1) qualification code with psychological test publishers. 

Dr John Doody's listing on the Psychological Society of Ireland's register of Chartered Psychologists

Dr John Doody's listing on the British Psychological Society's register of Chartered Psychologists


Publications and Conference Presentations

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Doody, J. P. (2011, September). Asperger’s Syndrome and the decoding of boredom, interest, and disagreement from body posture. Paper presented at the British Psychological Society: Social Psychology Section Annual Conference, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, UK.