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Medical News Today - Psychology/Psychiatry

Psychiatry is the medical treatment of the psyche, and psychology is the science of the psyche. This category includes news on psychiatric treatments, rehabilitation and medications, forensic psychiatry, cognitive behavioral therapy and the functioning of the mind.
  1. Oxytocin may intensify positive or negative social experiences by affecting different brain areas. Blocking the hormone may relieve social anxiety.
  2. A new study maps brain changes following cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD. The findings suggest improved connectivity between key networks.
  3. New research suggests that the size and shape of one's face may predict sex drive, attitudes to casual sex, and even likelihood to cheat.
  4. A new study suggests that moods are contagious among circles of adolescent friends, and this is true both for negative and positive emotions.
  5. A new study examines whether the personality of those affected by dementia or mild cognitive impairment starts to change before the onset of the disease.
  6. Sex is good for our health and makes us happy, studies show. Find out why so many people lose interest and what can contribute to a fulfilling sex life.
  7. A pioneering study looks at the impact of caregiver burden among owners of sick animals. The results point to elevated stress and poorer quality of life.
  8. A new study looks at whether or not music can influence our perception of the opposite sex. Scientists suggest that women may be more susceptible than men.
  9. A new study suggests that it is not just being lonely, but thinking that you are lonelier than your peers that can significantly reduce well-being.
  10. A new comprehensive review explains relationship management, suggesting that both individual perception and active communication play key roles.