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FAQ - Our Services

Q. Are your assessments recognised by the Department of Education & Skills, HSE, CAMHS etc?

A. Yes.


Q. Can you recommend learning support, a Special Needs Assistant, an exemption from Irish, Assistive Technology etc. for my child?

A. Yes, provided they meet the criteria as set out by the Department of Education & Skills.


Q. If I/my child are assessed privately, will we still be able to avail of public services?

A. Yes! You will still be able to avail of public services (HSE, CAMHS etc.).


Q. Do you provide psychotherapy/counselling for children and adults?

A. Yes, we do.


Q. Do I/my child need a referral letter to see you?

A. An appointment can often be made without a letter of referral. However depending on the reason for an assessment, we will sometimes request a letter of referral from a G.P.


Q. Can you make a referral to another professional (Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist etc.)?

A. Yes, we can and do make referrals for existing clients where appropriate.


Q. Do you assess for/diagnose Dyspraxia?

A. No, Dyspraxia (i.e., difficulties with motor skills & co-ordination) is generally diagnosed by Occupational Therapists. However, bear in mind that individuals with Dyspraxia often have co-existing psychological or educational issues, and thus a psychoeducational assessment may nevertheless be beneficial.